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Any confidential information obtained, out of result of this engagement, is safeguarded and only used for the purpose of providing our services and as is legally required. The same rights and restrictions apply to material stored or transferred electronically and when communicating with others via any medium, including virtual/online communities and networks. Please refer to our privacy policy for further details which can be found at




PAYMENT IS DUE ON THE DAY OF APPOINTMENT unless an offer, such as a block of sessions, has been pre-purchased (See clause 9). To facilitate this the following options are offered:

  • Card

  • Cash

  • Cheque made payable to Hopscotch Children’s Therapy Centre

  • Calling the office on 020 7486 8168 to make a payment by debit or credit card over the phone

  • Make payment by online banking/bank transfer (if you would like to use this method, please request our bank details or see details provided on invoice).


BE ADVISED: An additional 2.5% transaction fee applies for credit cards and non-UK debit cards, including American Express. This additional fee does not apply to payments made by UK debit cards.




24 HOURS NOTICE is required for non-attendance of an appointment booked during a weekday.


48 HOURS NOTICE is required for non-attendance of a Saturday appointment or an appointment with an external therapist. In the case of family or school holidays, more advance notice would be helpful.


LATE CANCELLATIONS WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL (except for assessments that are charged at £280)Hopscotch Children’s Therapy Centre has the discretion to not charge a cancellation fee if the session being cancelled is rescheduled at an available time within the same week of the original session.



Therapy recommendations pertaining to length and duration, are provided verbally on the day of the initial assessment. It is also provided in a written format in a report and/or treatment plan. If the service acquired does not include a report, such as an observation session, then the client will need to request for one and will be charged according to the service requested (See also clause 7 regarding reviews and reports).


Due to the nature of the work, to achieve therapy goals, parents can only be invited to sit in the sessions. It is in the attending therapist’s discretion to decide how frequently and for how long. The attending therapist requires one week’s notice. Further feedback can be received during a booked session however it would need to take place during the allocated time. If so, you may request for the session to begin ten minutes later or finish ten minutes earlier at your own discretion. 24-hour notice is required. Session will be charged at the same rate.




In case a therapy session is attended late, the session will still end at the scheduled time. The full fee will still be applicable. It is within the discretion of the attending therapist to decide whether the session can carry over the scheduled time or not.




In the case payment is not received by a company as specified in clause 2, the outstanding amount may accrue a ‘statutory interest’ of up to 8% above the Bank of England rate, as legally permitted. In the case payment is not received by an individual as specified in clause 2, the outstanding amount may accrue an interest of up to 2%, calculated on a monthly basis. However, if the individual debtor demonstrates an unwillingness to mitigate the debt, in the alternative, a one-off late fee may be charged of up to 15%. Should the debt be passed to an external company for non-payment, regardless of whether the debt is owed by a company or individual, then you will be liable for their fees.




The type of report that you will receive will depend on the service requested. For instance, if a report is requested for an Educational and Health Care Plan (EHCP), then an EHCP Assessment will need to be performed. However, if a Consultation Assessment is requested, then we cannot produce a report for an EHCP, because the appropriate assessment will need to be performed.


For any report enquiries, please email us at with details (email must be received from an email address that has been registered on your account with us), alternatively up to 15 minutes can be allocated to discuss with the relevant therapist. This is part of the service and no fees apply. Any further consultations will be charged separately.


Clinical reviews take place (if a minimum of 4 weeks of consistent intervention has been attended) and feedback is provided using the Goal Attainment Scale method. This is part of the service, and no fees apply. If further reports are requested charges will apply, according to the service requested.




It is important for therapists and parents to work together to achieve goals and maximise the child’s potential. Once therapy has commenced and after a period of four weeks it is strongly advised that the parents attend a therapist – parent workshop where activities will be demonstrated and a sensory – motor programme will be explained and practiced ensuring the carry-over of activities and objectives within the home environment. This can be scheduled as an additional session or can replace a regular therapy session. It can be done in the clinic and online. Workshops are available for parents, carers and professionals.




Discounts are offered when pre-purchasing a block of therapy sessions. Blocks offered are as follows:


  • 10 – 15 sessions we offer a 5% discount (need to be used within 3 months)

  • 16+ we offer a 10% discount (need to be used within 5 months)


Failure to attend booked therapy sessions on a regular basis can lead to discontinuation of therapy.


Discounts do not apply to:


  • Saturday appointments

  • Out of clinic visits

  • Payments received by third parties (for example an insurance provider/employer/local authority etc.)

  • Externally sourced consultants

  • Workshops

  • Consultations


Two (2) WEEKS NOTICE is required for discontinuation of a block of therapy sessions. Depending on the number of attended sessions, our standards require two (2) final sessions to close the client file and deliver final clinical observations.


BE ADVISED: Block payments are not fully refundable. The reason is due to the nature of the service, which demands work beyond the therapy sessions. Should you request a refund, it will be assessed on an individual basis and exceptions will be considered in situations such as:

  • Family relocation

  • Notice of discontinuation of therapy

  • Work already undertaken for the purpose of updating therapy goals.




Payment of 50% of total cost is required upfront, four weeks prior to tribunal attendance date. Cost remains the same whether physical or online presence is required. Refund policy is as follows.




  • 3 weeks prior to attendance date – 100% refund

  • 2 weeks prior to attendance date – 50% refund

  • 1 week prior to attendance date -25% refund

  • Less than one week - 0% refund11.



For any out of clinic visits, the following fixed travel costs apply on top of service cost:


  • For zones 1-3 - £100

  • For zones 4-6 - £200

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